Blinded by the Light…

Back home, daylight savings was always a welcome addition to summer.

In Tallinn, we’re far enough north that it almost doesn’t matter. Now, we aren’t talking white nights; we aren’t THAT far north. But still, during summer, there is no such thing as proper night.

It all started in March

What we hadn’t figured out was just how quickly the balance between day and night would start to change.

By the start of March, we had come from just 8 hours of pretend daylight per day, to waking up at 7am to blue skies. Dafuq?!

It was only then we realised that things were going to be quite different to back home.

Daylight savings, this far north?

Because yeah, sure, why not?!

Daylight savings started at the end of March here. Admittedly, this made the mornings a little bit more bearable, as it wasn’t screaming with sunlight.

However, this was not to last for long. Now, all of 3 weeks later, night is already kind of relevant.

Without blackout curtains, I am waking up at 5:30am to bright blue skies and invariably thinking, “F**k! I slept through my alarm!!”, before checking my phone and realising, again, what was happening, before trying to get back to sleep in vain in my completely daylit room.

A comparison; Tallinn to Melbourne has some really cool tools; one of them being a daylight mapping tool thingy. So let’s compare.

First, let’s look at Melbourne’s daylight hours throughout the year:

Click to embiggen

Nothing too odd about that!

First, you’ll note the squeezed out centre area, which is indicative of shorter days during winter.

Then, the daylight band expands at either end for summer days.

The juts show daylight savings and the subsequent 1-hour movement of the timing of daylight.

Finally, the white bar to the right is indicative of what Melbourne experiences at the equivalent date of Tallinn at the time of posting this – a total of ~7.5 hours’ night.

Now let’s look at Tallinn:

Also embiggen with a click

Double-you tee eff.

Obviously the seasons are opposite, hence the bulge in the middle… And WHAT a bulge!

Notice the white bar this time – April 23rd – and we are literally right on the cusp of no longer having any more true night. For just… FOUR months. Rad!

It’s little wonder that people have been telling us that if you go out at “night” during summer, and have a late one, then it feels like a day hasn’t even passed once you’re on your way home due to how light it is!

And in a nick of time, the blackout curtains we ordered arrived today 😉

Tired Drew

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