It’s not cold yet…

In yesterday’s Estonian class, we learnt how to talk about the weather.

  • Mis ilm täna on? How is the weather today?
  • Mitu kraadi on? How many degrees is it?

It was -2 degrees (minus kaks kraadi) so, like any sensible person, I said ‘väljas on väga külm‘ (outside it’s very cold).

At this point, the teacher corrected me:

Ei, väljas ei ole väga külm. Väljas on jahe.‘ (No, it’s not cold outside – it’s chilly.)

I beg to differ.

I understand it will get much colder than this. About 20 degrees colder than this, I’ve been told. I know it’s not as cold as it can get.

But if it’s cold enough that the snow won’t melt, it’s very cold!


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