The Flat White Diaries: Nurri Cat Cafe, and the flat white that wasn’t, but was…

What good is going anywhere if you don’t visit the cat cafes in that place? What would be the point?

So we spent some time at Cat Cafe Nurri. There were old, cantankerous cats (I nicknamed one “dad”), middle-aged cats, and mischievous youngsters. They were pretty funny; one decided to burrow into a woman’s bag. Also this is the first cat cafe I’ve visited which encourages you to play with the cats, and give you toys and laser pointers on request to facilitate this! 

Then, there was the flat white that wasn’t, but was. Went to order a coffee, to find no flat white on the menu. No worries; I’ll have a cappuccino instead. The above is what I got. Somewhere in between a flat white and a latte. So I figured it counts as being something I can include here!

Cappuccino disguised as a flat white €3.90

Spot on, to be honest.

Quite decent, considering it masqueraded on the menu as a capp! The coffee itself was a little weak, but it wasn’t far off being a decent flat white overall.

A little off; came in at 46.93°. Room for improvement.

It was a cat cafe – what’s left to be said? Coffee is instantly improved by the presence of cats, especially when they stick their head in the cup once it’s empty.



  1. carly

    2018-11-05 at 03:55

    i just read the first part out to dad hahahah

    1. Drew

      2018-11-05 at 11:01

      Lol tell him “that’s called a GOTCHA!”

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