Putting things in perspective.

It’s one thing to look at a Google map of a place and think, oh yeah, I have an idea of how (big/small/dense/empty) that place is, but once you’re actually there, you can finally start to get a true sense of it.

We knew Tallinn (and Estonia) was small; that was part of the appeal for us. 10% the size of Melbourne, by population. And I like it; it’s big enough to be a city, and have everything you’d want from a city, both culturally and practically. But it’s small enough to feel more relaxed.

But let me try and put things in perspective with fun imagery!

Estonia vs. Australia

Well this one was always going to be easy. Made with The True Size Of (very cool).

Nestles in quite nicely, between Broome and Darwin.

Tallinn vs. other places

Let’s start off with the municipal boundary of Tallinn:

Now, there’s a very cool website called MAPfrappe, which allows you to draw a shape on a map, and then overlay that shape, to scale, anywhere else in the world!

So, I crudely drew the boundary of Tallinn, and overlaid it on Melbourne, other places with which you may be familiar:

Note I put some of it in the bay because of the big lake in Tallinn!
Sorry Sydney; bars and clubs still open all night here.
No Pentagon for you!
But there’s no MOS Burger in Estonia so what’s the point?
Uluru is big.

Population density

Obviously though, this is only half the story. Landmass is one thing, but how many people you cram in is another…

Quite manageable
Getting a bit full on there, my dude…


The last piece of the lifestyle puzzle is getting round. Jacqui has already mentioned that she had an hour and twenty minutes each way, in order to travel 22km as the crow flies when we were in Melbourne.

It’s a different story now; 2.2km and a half hour walk (or bus once the bad weather kicks in):

So it’s basically like we live in South Melbourne now:

But now we feel like we live so far away from everything! It’s bizarre, because we aren’t; but at the same time, we’re out in the burbs with nothing to do! Whereas, if we lived in South Melbourne, well, we’d never be short on places to go!

Can’t have it all 😛


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