The Flat White Diaries: Darker days, darker coffee

After a busy day of wandering around various monuments and historic sites (more on that in another post), the time was 15:30, which meant the sun was going down, albeit behind the clouds. Yep, sunset at 15:45, and we’re still a month away from the shortest day.

No more light meant no more photos, and that meant going home. However I stopped in to see Jacqui at work, and we decided to grab a drink from the espresso bar in the lobby of her building

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the old flat white had found its way onto the menu, so I was obligated to get it!

Flat White €3.30

Quite big actually, owing to the size of that cup. Probably more of a mug-like quantity. So depending at your way of looking at it, that’s either a good or bad thing.

For a coffee made after 4pm, it was rather dark and robust. Perhaps the darkness of the coffee represented the darkness of the afternoon. Or perhaps it reflected the darkness of life itself; each sip bringing us closer to our ultimate personal oblivion. Every granule of sugar, a desperate attempt to sweeten this otherwise bitter existence. The spoon, used to stir, symbolic of the tumultuous times in which we live. The plate, analogous of us, and the heavy burdens we all bear upon our backs… Like coffee cups?

Or perhaps it was just a long pour 🙂

Spot on; the perfect balance of drink-nowness, and keep-warm-for-a-reasonable-length-of-timeness.

Just look at that cup! Fishbowl-shaped. Eggshell finish. Nice. The only letdown was the single-use wooden stirrer – hello, spoons!?


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  1. Jacqui

    2018-11-21 at 10:35

    Does this mean the coffees will only get darker as the days continue to shrink? Only time will tell…

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