The Flat White Diaries: A promising start

After experiencing some… interesting takes on what a flat white actually is, I decided to see if anyone had gotten it right; in particular in Tallinn.

So, here is the first entry in The Flat White Diaries; an attempt at finding out just what is being lost in translation as the humble Aussie classic takes over the globe. Rating system included.

Reval Cafe, Telliskivi

And so, the chase for a flat white begins.

Telliskivi is one of the coolest areas of Tallinn; all funky and gentrified without being too obnoxious, most of the time. Reval cafe is part of a chain of 12 in Estonia.

Flat white: €2.80

The size was appropriate for your average flat white. It’s worth mentioning that there is only one size available for each coffee on the menu, so the whole “you can only order flat whites in one size” argument was off the table.

The coffee to milk ratio was pretty decent, however it tasted as though they had used UHT milk. HUGE IF TRUE. The amount of foam was appropriate, but once again due to the milk, it tasted… odd.

The temperature was pretty good. Immediately drinkable, so the “extra hot” crowd might not have been happy.

Pretty good service. Reval is apparently the biggest chain in Estonia, but despite that, the cafe didn’t feel like it was part of a chain. It was relaxed and the decor was nice. Ambient music and raw materials. An obnoxious millennial Londoner was the only detraction; her “oh, I’m definitely right” tone of voice correcting the opinions of her friends managed to pierce through the gentle background hum. Hey, it’s in Telliskivi after all.

Drew, aka Coffee Pedant

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